Another week for the Barbershoperas

Well, it’s been a terrific week for the Musketeers and Barbershopera. Appearing on BBC Breakfast was a real thrill and it’s lovely we got a chance to sing. The gang were up early and larking about…

And, of course, we’d be ignoring the elephant in the room so to speak if we didn’t mention “Penisgate” that followed. To set the record straight, both our Producer, Rich and co-Creator, MD and writer of Barbershopera, Rob Castell had commented earlier in the week that we thought that a clip of ‘I Could Have Married Kate’ might not be suitable for breakfast tele and also in light of the recent Royal Birth. We thought the ‘Edinburgh, Not Gonna Go’ clip was much better as it’s the opening weekend of the festival and leads into to why we’re not there because we’re on a big tour. But they went and showed it anyway.

It’s also worth remembering that Barbershopera’s songs are always playing characters and in this case it’s no different. The character who is mocking Prince William is a bit of a moron and jealous of the future King’s new found, beautiful Bride. We’d urge anyone to watch the full video and see it in context.

Fortunately, the overwhelming majority have seen the clip in context and recognised it was an error from the TV to show the particular bit but not reflective of Barbershopera harbouring any anti-monarchist feelings. We love everything British, including Wills and Kate and Rob who appears in the vid was part of the official Hyde Park Band on the wedding day itself. The video recognises the fervour there was at the time towards the Princess and how everybody wanted to be close to her. And it’s terrific that some lovely comments have followed about the group’s talent.

It’s wonderful that we might be able to pick up a few new fans and reach people who haven’t seen our work yet. With that in mind we’re on BBC Radio 2 Arts show this evening (Fri 2nd) around 22:20…there are no images this time so we should create less of a storm.

All the tickets for tour are on sale and we’d love to see you on the road.

Love, Barbershopera

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